The Future is Equal

“I feel down, I feel that I am not going to make it, some of my classmates will be scoring good marks than me. I get very emotional and sometimes I cry when I miss out on test and assignments.” – Hinome*, grade seven student in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Your generosity today can change Hinome’s future, save lives and help to end period poverty in PNG.
As a child, how did your ability to learn shape your future? What would your life look like today if an education, and all the opportunities it provided, were not easily accessible?
In the rural highlands of PNG, girls like Hinome don’t have the same educational opportunities. They are often unable to continue attending school because they lack access to basic menstruation and sanitation items such as pads. They must also contend with the cultural stigmas surrounding periods in their communities. This means Hinome, and generations of girls just like her, remain trapped in these unjust situations without the education they need to lift themselves out of poverty.
The spread of coronavirus has further highlighted how important it is to introduce access to safe water and hygiene products to at-risk communities like Hinome’s.
5 TIMES THE IMPACT: Donate today and your donation will have five times the impact thanks to the New Zealand Aid Programme.
*Name changed to protect privacy.

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