Keep children safe from deadly hunger

Barbara braves danger from crocodiles - Photo: Abbie-Trayler-Smith


What would you risk to feed your family? Barbara would risk everything.

Every day, Barbara collects water from a crocodile-infested river to tend to the crops that feed her two children.

Barbara collecting water - Photo: Abbie-Trayler-Smith

"If you are unlucky, you can be eaten by the crocodiles in the river. I know a lot of people who have been killed ... we are scared we might die, but there's no other way to get water... we are hungry … we go to sleep hungry. There is nothing I can do ..." — Barbara.

In a country where about 75% of people live below the poverty line, Barbara is not alone.

Hope for women banana farmers in Zambia - Photo: Abbie-Trayler-Smith




But there is hope.

Irene is part of an award-winning banana farm supported by Oxfam. She faced the same problems as Barbara but no longer has to live in fear of hunger.

Irene and her children - Photo: Abbie-Trayler-Smith

"Oxfam provided a water pump and training. When we first harvested bananas, I was extremely excited. I spent the money on a celebration with my children. We bought food. Now, I get the benefits from the work I put in. I can send my children to school and food is not an issue," — Irene.

You can help provide more women like Barbara with the training and tools they need to earn a living and keep their children safe from deadly hunger.

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How you can help

Zambia banana training sessionWith your support we can help stop hunger by providing women farmers with training, irrigation and seeds. Give them a chance to earn a living, and a way to keep children safe from deadly hunger.

TREE SAPLINGS Allow a female farmer to create their own thriving banana plantation which will help their whole community flourish.
WATER PUMP An essential part of any banana farm, your gift could help train one person to keep water pumps clean and working, which will provide a reliable source of water for their banana plantation.
TRAINING Teaches the women important business skills, for example recording and tracking their finances as well as managing their planations resources effectively.


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