Cyclone Winston Appeal

This appeal is no longer active. You are welcome to make a donation to our disaster response fund to help in future emergencies.

“There are strong concerns that hundreds of people will have seen their homes and livelihoods completely destroyed. Our main concern is for people in makeshift housing and residents of outlying islands, particularly in the Lomaiviti group.”

Oxfam in the Pacific Regional Director Raijeli Nicole, Suva

Please help support those impacted by Cyclone Winston today. A ferocious Category 5 storm, Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston was the worst recorded cyclone for Fiji. Wind gusts of up to 325kph and average winds of 230kph caused devastation across the islands, destroying entire villages, flooding low-lying areas and wiping out crops.

At least 43 people have died and entire villages have been destroyed. Around 20,000 people are still sheltering in evacuation centres around the country and the country is still struggling to get to grips with the destruction.
The people of Fiji now face the threat of disease. Access to clean water is essential for the prevention of waterborne disease after a disaster.
Right now, Oxfam is working with the Fijian government and local organisations to deliver emergency drinking water and hygiene kits for 2,250 families,  repair water supplies and toilets, clean wells and set up emergency water filtration units. Your donations have enabled us to install water filters capable of producing 10,000 litres of safe water per day.  But there is more we can do. 

Our Pacific neighbours need our support – please help with a donation today to help overcome the impacts of Cyclone Winston.