Gaza crisis response

This appeal is no longer active. You are welcome to make a donation to our Disaster Response Fund to help in future emergencies.

Oxfam partners in Gaza are responding to the mounting human cost of the escalating violence.

Oxfam is trucking vital supplies of safe water to thousands of people who have fled their homes.

The situation is worsening by the hour. The crisis in Gaza is putting innocent families at risk. In the past week, water supplies have been destroyed. More than a million people are now in desperate need of clean, safe water.

Ninety per cent of water in Gaza is already unsafe to drink. Badly damaged sewage pipes are pouring raw sewage into the streets. Vulnerable families are at risk from potentially deadly illness. This is a humanitarian crisis that Oxfam can't ignore. We urgently need your help to get clean water to people - fast.

Please don't wait. Donate now.

Water contaminated by filthy sewage, or no water at all, will put more lives on the line. Oxfam is already in Gaza, delivering safe water to the most vulnerable people. Please help give more families in Gaza clean, safe water.

Please don't wait.

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In pictures

Oxfam's photos on Flickr: Destruction in Gaza - July 2014.