Give hope for the future in Tanzania

Godeberite* and her one-month-old son Victor* sit outside their tent in the Nduta refugee camp, Tanzania. Godeberite arrived at the camp three months earlier when she was heavily pregnant, and had to walk for an hour to fetch water. Now, Oxfam provides water to the camp's 50,000 residents. Photo: Phil Moore/Oxfam

Food shortages, malnutrition, dirty water and no way to earn a living. For people like Godeberite, who fled violence to live in the overcrowded Nduta refugee camp in Tanzania, life is hard and filled with uncertainty. Many are left with no sense of purpose.

Thanks to you, Oxfam has been hard at work with local partners to supply clean water to Tanzania’s refugee camps. But it’s not enough. People like Godeberite need long-term solutions so that they can earn their own way out of poverty.

They deserve more than just survival to hope for. Together we can break the cycle, and create long-term, sustainable ways for people to earn a living and look after their families.

Please donate today to help provide training opportunities and vital equipment so that people can start up small businesses and kick-start a local economy in the camps. That way, they can feed their families today and into the future.

Thank you.

*Names have been changed to protect their identity


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