How to donate your tax credit to Oxfam

All donations to Oxfam of $5 or over are tax deductible in New Zealand. Claiming your tax credit and donating it back to Oxfam is a fantastic way to make your donation go even further!

You're able to claim one-third of your charitable donation back, for example, if you donate $100 you are eligible to claim $33 back from the IRD. Simply hold onto your tax receipts and complete the tax credit form IR526 after March 31. Once you have received the rebate from the IRD, you can send us a donation for the same amount as your rebate to make your original donation bigger by a third. Let us know you have donated your tax credit by emailing us or phoning us. We'd love to hear from you!

To claim a tax credit, you need to fill in an IR526 form. This form changes each year, but the latest can be downloaded from the IRD website, by entering “IR526” into their search box.

How do I transfer my tax rebate to Oxfam?

  1. Download and fill in the IR526 form from the IRD website (enter “IR526” into their search box to find it quickly).
  2. Staple your receipts to the back of the form.
  3. Send your completed IR 526 form with receipts to the Inland Revenue. Find the correct IRD address to send your return to.
  4. Once you receive the rebate back from the IRD, donate the equivalent amount to Oxfam through our website.

What happens next?

We will automatically provide you with another tax-deductible receipt for the rebate you transfer to Oxfam, so you can claim a further credit on this amount next year. 

Can I claim a tax credit for all fundraising contributions?

The IRD rules only allow you to claim a tax credit for donations you have made yourself (or with your spouse/partner). Unfortunately, this means that tax credits are not available for money that someone else has given you (unless you use their name when making the donation, in which case they are entitled to the credit).

The IRD rules also do not allow you to claim a tax credit for any money you generate from a fundraising event such as a bake sale or a raffle, or any other fundraising mechanism that gives the contributor something back in return.

I still have questions!

Please email us at or phone 0800 600 700 if you have any questions or queries around this process, and we will help you as best we can!