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Nasrine Tomasi Team leader
Julie Plessis Member
marion derochet Member
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AWT Water is a technology and consulting company founded on providing services underpinned by sound science and engineering. We provide services across the water sectors of collection, conveyance, treatment, reuse and residuals incorporating water, wastewater (industrial and municipal) and stormwater.

AWT Water are unique in the water sector as our technical services flow across the project cycle from needs analysis, project planning, design, commissioning, operation and optimisation of water infrastructure. Our leading edge resources are delivering and realising proven systems for the benefit of generations to come.

You can trust us to know water. We have the H2knOw-how. Jump right in!

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Thank you all for your amazing support and for a great Quiz Night yesterday! Today is the end the fundraising period and we finally managed to reach our target. Great news for Oxfam and the work they will undertake in PNG!

The Splash Team

Fundraising target: $2,000.00

Total raised: $3,095.07
Achieved 155% of the target
Fundraising deadline: 22 March 2014

Team fundraising

Donor name Donation Message
Anonymous $55.00
social club $75.00 D graders
social club $75.00 Grade C and below
awt splash team $473.00 Thanks all lunch buyers!!
AWT Splash Team $150.00 Bonus Point Money raised during Pub Quiz
Roanna S $20.00 Well done!! :)
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $50.00
To the Max - Trivia team $75.00 To the Max - Trivia team
Morphum Airlines Flight 370 $75.00
Vanessa De Zilvas team $75.00 Pub quiz - team name: Phileas Fogg's Companions
Anonymous $75.00 For pubquiz team. ~6ppl
Ollie Modricker $12.00
Ergo Consulting $75.00 Ergo Eggheads pub quiz team
Mighty Mouse and the A team $81.00
Anonymous $6.00
Anonymous $75.00 Pub Quiz team - Comply with this! - 10 people
Anonymous $75.00 Team 007, there will be about 8 of us :)
Anonymous $75.00 The fabulous John and his performing penguins (Motts team name)
Planning Animals $75.00 Awesome work you are doing! You have our support, go AWT!!! :D
Anonymous $6.00
Anonymous $75.00 Oxfam Quizzyrascals
Tracey $6.00 Lunch
Anonymous $12.00
Maria $12.00 Lunch x2
Robert $18.00 Lunch x3
Anonymous $50.00
marion $6.00 Quesadillas (sin Queso) Thanks :) !!
Nick $6.00 Mmm, Quesadillas.
Teokotai $6.00
Anonymous $218.47 Hi Girls - payment for the Christmas lunch. Thanks it was very nice.
Anonymous $6.00
Anonymous $500.00
Anonymous $6.00 Rice Salad!! Thanks Jul's
Ollie Modricker $18.00 Oxfam Lunch Definitely!
Sophia $6.00 Rice Salad Lunch yum!
Robert $12.00 Lunch x2
Lunch Fundraiser $150.00
Ollie Modricker $12.00 Lunch x2 (14th Jan & 21st Jan)
Emilia $12.00 Lunch x 2
Teokotai $6.00 Lunch
Robert $12.00 Lunch x 2
Jason & Michelle $50.00
Anonymous $6.00
Crepes Day $26.60 Thanks crepe eaters :)
Emilia Wisniewski $5.00 Crepe monies - mm, I bet they will be delicious.
Nasrine $30.00 Merry Christmas Team!
Julie $50.00