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Fundraising deadline: 1-Jan-70


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Tom Swindells Team leader
Rodger Dawson Member
Gina Donnelly Member
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Fundraising target: $10,000.00

Total raised: $8,442.00
Achieved 84% of the target
Fundraising deadline: 21 March 2016

Team fundraising

Donor name Donation Message
Kerrs Rd Raffle $610.00
Marshall Indistries $200.00
Golden Wings LTD $160.00 Thanks to Ethan, Aidan and Kevin for your efforts
Steve Langford $400.00 Thanks Kevin, Ethan and Aidan for your hard work. Good luck on your fundraising mission
Southland Utilities $250.00
Ramsey $50.00 Congrats Helen & team
Chaney-Burcham $50.00 Way to go guys, we will be there to support you and your efforts towards success!
Kerrs Rd Donations $85.00
Anonymous $1,500.00 Downer Tasman Utilities / Mitre 10 Nelson
Jeff Cuthbertson $100.00 Tasman Water Team
Tony Colquhoun $100.00 Tasman Water Team
Independent Blasting & Abseil $300.00 Tasman Water Team
Chris Bauld $100.00
John and Bron Reuben $200.00 Thanks to the Tasman Water Team
Downer Southland Utilities $825.00
Sileni Fundraising $470.00 Funds raised by staff at Kerrs Rd. Go Downer!
The Community Game Ltd $300.00 Thank you to Jo Calt for telling us about this fundraiser and making it possible for us to donate to it. We are honored to help.
Southern Utilities $931.00
Hynds Pipe Systems $250.00 Greg Sampson and the team at Hynds are pleased to support this worthy cause in an area close to our hearts
Humes Pipeline Systems $230.00 On behalf of Aidan Fraser and the Tasman Utilities team.
Oxfam WfS Quiz Entry $50.00 Thanks for taking part in our quiz!
Tasman Utilities Nelson $200.00 Tasman Utilities Nelson
IKC $300.00 Tasman Utilities for Aidan and the water boys
Ezi Sweep $70.00 Tasman Utilities for Aidan
CM Forum $111.00 Great work Downer