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Megan Couture Team leader
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As the global leaders of the wet infrastructure sector, we see firsthand how critical water is for life on Earth. We continue to partner with organizations who strive to ensure every single community—and every human being—has access to clean water. That’s why responsible wastewater recycling and effective environmental water treatment are so important to us.

By participating in the challenge we are supporting Oxfam's goal of raising $50,000 for the Melanasian WASH project. You can help too by donating to our team! Just click on the Team Fundraising link below. Last year, MWH raised almost $7,000 towards the Challenge goal, and took home first place on Challenge Day - and we intend to do the same this year!

We will also be holding some fundraising activities across the country to help support this cause, so keep an eye out for more information! 

For any enquiries about MWH's participation in the Oxfam Water Challenge, contact


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Christine $40.00 Go team! Raise lots of money for a great cause
MWH YPG $800.00 Good luck today!
Anonymous $25.00
Hannah $50.00 Are you going to take home the hamper and the trip this year?! Can't wait to see you all in action!
Nicqui $20.00 Go team!
Povey $25.00
MWH YoPros $1,500.00 Go team, go! Good luck on Challenge Day!
MWH $1,000.00 A donation from the company to kick start the team's fundraising! Go team!