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MWH Global [NZ] - Auckland Avengers

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Megan Couture Team leader
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As the global leaders of the wet infrastructure sector, we see firsthand how critical water is for life on Earth. We continue to partner with organizations who strive to ensure every single community—and every human being—has access to clean water. That’s why responsible wastewater recycling and effective environmental water treatment are so important to us.

By participating in the challenge we are supporting Oxfam's goal of raising $40,000 for the Melanasian WASH project. You can help too by donating to our team! Just click on the Team Fundraising link below. We will also be holding some fundraising activities across the country to help support this cause, so keep an eye out for more information! 

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Congrats to the Auckland Avengers on winning the chance to represent MWH on Challenge Day!

The team competing will be as follows:

  • Jay Burgess
  • Patricia Melero
  • Andrew Atkinson
  • Andrew McDonald

Good luck this weekend team! We'll...

Fundraising target: $3,500.00

Total raised: $6,956.90
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Fundraising deadline: 21 March 2015

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Chch YPG $81.40 Here's to a worthy cause - Ice Cream Fundraisers
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Andrew $150.00 Great cause guys and well done
Auckland YPG $2,327.60 Here's to a great cause! Good luck MWH!
Anonymous $25.00
Allan & Pam $50.00 All the best Guys
Nikki & Colin $25.00 Good Luck!
Anonymous $100.00 Good Luck Everyone!
Anonymous $25.00
Vanessa & Ray $25.00 Keep up the good work -hope your team wins
Nick L $15.00 Great work on fund raising!
Kirst & Kieron $50.00
Anonymous $11.70
Anonymous $25.00 Great work team hope you make the final hurdle!
Barbara Browne $25.00
Anonymous $15.00
Anonymous $10.00
Christine $40.00 All the best for the win!
Lois $200.00 Didn't win the Auction but happy to pledge my bid.
Auckland Avenger Cheerleaders!!! $100.00 Go Champions! You better win, I want a trip to Vanuatu!
Dunedin YPG $65.70 Good Luck Auckland!!
Auckland YPG $80.40 Go Auckland Avengers!
Christchurch YPG $83.60 Good luck on Saturday!
MWH Christchurch Office $450.60 Go team!
Anonymous $25.00
Imelda $50.00 Go Team building a better world!
Chch YPG $255.00 Ice cream fundraisers!
Nelson YPG $120.00 Go team!
Auckland YPG $141.30 Ice cream fundraising efforts!
Andrew McL $25.00
Anonymous $15.00
MWH NZ Ltd. $1,000.00 Congratulations on your efforts team! Keep up the good work!
YPG Auckland $28.70 Ice Cream Fundraiser, YUM!
Isobel $35.00
Laura and Steve $20.00 What a great cause. Best of luck.
Megatron $25.00 Great effort YPG - keep up the good work! Let's get a win!
Oxmas Christmas Fairy $7.00 Good luck!
Greg Holland $25.00 Good luck team, it's a great initiative.
Matthew 6:2 $50.00
Avik $25.00 Great cause, good luck team!
YPG Auckland $56.00 Donation from our Oxmas fundraising efforts!
Anonymous $25.00
Monique $25.00 Good luck team
Anonymous $25.00
Lois $100.00 Building a better world - fantastic
Steve $25.00 Go YPG, no pressure but Im expecting win!
Emma $5.00 Good luck!
Hastings YPG $106.40
YPG Auckland $29.00 Contribution from Oxmas Gift Wrapping fundraiser
Yay go team =) $50.00
YPG Auckland $341.20