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Opus Wai 2

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Amanda Dewasara
Amanda Donaldson
Fiona Lyttle
Jing Qi
Kedan Li
Matt Thomson
Megan Crossen
Stefan Huszak
stephen jarman
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The Environmental Team here at Opus are teaming up with Oxfam to help make a difference and we need your help. By working with Oxfam and taking part in the Oxfam Water Challenge, our team Opus Wai (pronounced "why" - Maori for water) is contributing to life-saving work in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. We are excited to be contributing to the dramatic impact this project will have and are aiming to raise over $2,000 to support this project, and help Oxfam reach its goal of $50,000.

Please join us by donating today.

Thanks so much!

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Fundraising target: $2,000.00

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Fundraising deadline: 21 March 2016

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21.30 $21.30
Balloon Pop Raffle $170.00
Baby Photo Competition $40.00
Hayley T $10.00
Mike $20.00 Balloon pop addiction
Amanda $10.00 Great Work!
Steve Taylor $10.00 Balloon comp winner
Jono $5.00
Aslam $5.00 well done guys
jono $5.00 Great Work Guys!
Anonymous $25.00
Westhaven Cafe $200.00
Vicki Koopal $25.00 Good Luck!
Kedan $20.00 Go team!
Hollywood Cafe $95.00
Steph May $20.00
Nilmini $5.00
Eugene $3.00
SteveTaylor $2.00 Baby comp winner
Kedan $6.00 Go Opus Team! (Baby Photo Competition)
Richard T $25.00 Well done team - awesome fundraising efforts.
Anonymous $2.00 Thanks for the goodies :)
Umair Iftikhar $15.00 Excellent Work Team.
Anonymous $50.00 Good luck have fun. Best wishes Pete
Sausage Sizzle Funds $310.70
Yeabit Church $100.00 :D
Mike $15.00 Thanks for the sausages!
wioletta $50.00 We can do it!
Kedan $10.00 Best Wishes! GO GO GO!
Anonymous $10.00 Colin Stokes
Banoffee Pie $140.00 Go Opus Wai 2!
DCN- Leadership Team $250.00
Anna Robak $50.00 Go Team!
Matt Thomson $50.00 Go Team Opus Wai 2!
James Reddish $25.00 I'm a 'fair weather' supporter, so I expect you to win the competition and I can bask in your glory. Oh, and its a good cause too.