The Christchurch Pledge

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The city of Christchurch has made a massive commitment to Oxfam’s Water for Survival by aiming to raise $60,000 for the Bougainville programme. This is a significant target and will make an invaluable difference to access to safe water for 15 rural villages in Bougainville.

The problem

Currently most people in Bougainville live in rural areas and very few have a safe, secure water supply. Instead, many rely on streams that are contaminated with human and animal waste. This means that children suffer from water–borne diseases and cases of severe diarrhoea are common. Women walk long distances to collect water every day, sometimes two to three hours per day, which means they have little time and less energy for other income–generating activities.

Tangible results

The Christchurch Pledge is helping Oxfam to:

  • Support community-led construction of gravity–fed water systems and water tanks.
  • Raise community awareness of unsafe sanitary practices and train community members to build and use latrines.
  • Build the capacity of communities and local organisations to manage and maintain facilities and improved hygiene practices.
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Fundraising target: $60,000.00

Total raised: $33,824.24
Achieved 56% of the target
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Team fundraising

Donor name Donation Message
Anonymous $1,000.00
Ken Couling $75.00 Thanks so much, Roy. You are one of the best.
Maddy and Nick $1,169.49 2015 Film Night profit
Van Voorthuysen Environmental Ltd $250.00 Donation for the Quiz Night event
Maddy and Nick $500.00 University Quiz Night fundraiser profit
Ken Couling $180.00 2015 movie night
Wendy Mclarin $1,007.00 2013 Movie rebate
Anonymous $335.00 2012 Movie Night Rebate
Ken Couling $250.00 Every bit counts!
Wendy McLarin $1,802.00 2013 Movie Fundraiser in Christchurch
Ken Couling $510.00 Movie night Oct 2013
Oxfam web manager $1.00 It's a test donation, but this is real money!
Wendy McLarin $1,221.00 2011 Movie Night Rebate
Tony Oliver $1,410.00
Ken Couling $180.00 Ceilidh rocks!
Wendy McLarin $1,112.36 Cristchurch Movie Fundraiser 2012
Ken Couling $450.00 Movie night July 2012. Great effort, Wendy
Ken Couling $100.00 The Christchurch Pledge still lives on!
A K Oliver $360.00 Offline funds received
anonymous $1,500.00 Offline funds received
Ken Couling $60.00 Oxfam Christmas cards
Wendy McLarin $3,706.39 ChCh Movie Fundaiser 2011
Ken Couling $810.00 Movie night 24 Nov 2011
Wa Anwar $100.00 we are with you Christchurch!!
Jim Cowan $100.00
J. Long $1,000.00
ChristchurchWfS committee film night $100.00 Offline funds received
Environment Canterbury $500.00 Offline funds received
Megan L Devane $60.00 Offline funds received
Barry Fairburn $50.00 Offline funds received
Christchurch WfS Committee $1,160.00 Funds raised through Blue Gold film night
Oasis Clearwater Systems Ltd $500.00 Offline funds received
Frances Schmechel $100.00
Anonymous $200.00 Anonymous donation
Anonymous $200.00
Anonymous $100.00
Linda Rutland $50.00 Offline funds received
Christchurch Water for Survival Committee $700.00 Offline funds received
PPS-Frank $500.00 Offline funds received
E2 Solutions $500.00 Offline funds received
Hendricks Sandblasting $1,000.00 Offline funds received
Ewing Construction Ltd $500.00 Offline funds received
Industrial Controls $500.00 Offline funds received
Water Force $300.00 Offline funds received
Octa and Associates $500.00 Offline funds received
McConnell Dowell $500.00 Offline funds received
Downer EDI Works $500.00 Offline funds received
Lyttelton Engineering $500.00 Offline funds received
URS Consulting $500.00 Offline funds received
Beca Consultants $500.00 Offline funds received
Melray Electric Ltd $500.00 Offline funds received
ITT Trimate $500.00 Offline funds received
G&T Construction Ltd $500.00 Offline funds received
Christchurch Water for Survival Committee $2,220.00 Christchurch wastewater treatment plant open day
Shona Russell $30.00 A small contribution following WWTP Open Day
Anonymous $5.00
Christchurch Water for Survival Committee $800.00 Thanks to everyone who took part in the sausage sizzle fundraiser!
ESR $60.00 Offline funds received