Families in Ghana can afford school fees thanks to Oxfam projects, photo Adam Patterson/Oxfam

Philanthropic giving offers you a crucial role in helping Oxfam fight poverty. Our work relies upon the generous support of the public.

We appreciate every donation, big or small, but by making a major gift you can make an enormous impact, transforming lives across the Pacific and Southeast Asia. These gifts not only allow us to fund projects now, but enable us to plan ahead, so no matter what challenges the future holds, we can continue to fight poverty.

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"I support Oxfam because I am very aware that good development projects in poor communities can have an enormous effect. Oxfam runs very worthwhile projects that are well researched before being implemented. Thus, they have a grand chance of becoming self-sustaining. I think as a person well-off in a rich country it's more than my conscience, it’s my duty to support Oxfam's development projects."
Craig Potton – Oxfam supporter since 1991.