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Ask the government to fund an emergency global humanitarian response to Coronavirus

The people in our government have the power to act now to stop the nightmare of Coronavirus spreading in refugee camps, in slums, in conflict areas around the world. But we must act urgently.   

Add your voice for global solutions that can help us all to stay healthy and get through this crisis safely. Send an email to the government today.  

Our email form makes it easy to send a personalised message straight to the inboxes of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Foreign Minister Winston Peters, and Finance Minister Grant Robertson.

What are we asking for?


Oxfam is calling for the New Zealand government to respond immediately to the unprecedented global coronavirus crisis by:  

  • providing NZ$25 million in immediate, additional humanitarian funding as part of an emergency Coronavirus response package for people living in the world’s worst crisis and emergency situations; 
  • advocating for the cancellation of all external debt payments due to be made in 2020 by developing country governments, so they can focus on keeping people healthy; 
  • protecting and maintaining existing commitments to aid and climate finance budgets so that less people are thrown into poverty by this crisis. 
Writing your email:


To get you started, below are some statements you could copy and paste into the message, or edit in your own words.

Remember, the more personal your letter, the more impactful it will be. 


Why you care 

  • I care about this because I value our shared humanity in this moment. 
  • Pandemics know no borders and neither does our compassion. 
  • As a [mother/father/person caring for my family], I value collective kindness to get through this challenge together. 
  • Now more than ever, we need to work together as one human family to look after each other, especially caring for people who are enduring the harshest situations. 

Why the Prime Minister and key decision-makers should act: 

  • Everyonehastheright to safehandwashing, sanitation and cleanwater to
  • No-one is safe until everyone is safe. We can’t leave anyone behind. 
  • As Prime Minister Ardern said to the University of the South Pacific earlier this year, collectivism and cooperation, listening and understanding one another’s needs – it’s the Pacific way. 
  • I believe our political leaders can rise to this moment because we are united in our shared humanity. 

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