Cyclone Evan 2012

Cyclone Evan hit Samoa on December 13, 2012, causing flash floods and widespread damage across the country. The cyclone left 12 people dead; thousands of people across the region sought shelter in evacuation centres; the homes and livelihoods of approximately 13,000 people were completely destroyed.Photo: Alertnet/Reuters/Fiji Ministry of Information


Oxfam delivered thousands of litres of safe, clean water across Samoa and, with our partner organisation in Samoa Women in Business Development Inc (WIBDI),  we supported farmers and their families to rebuild their livelihoods.

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Supporting farmers post Cyclone Evan

December 27, 2012

Analysing farmers' needs in Samoa.

Sizing up the damage in Samoa

December 19, 2012

Cyclone Evan lashed into Samoa last week, leaving behind damage to crops, water supplies and property.

Updates from Samoa

December 19, 2012

Our response Updated January 29

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Cyclone Evan recovery assists those most in need

June 20, 2013

Six months after Cyclone Evan devastated the homes of over 530 Samoan families across the south coast of Upolu, the most vulnerable families are still finding it hard to bounce back.

Tackling the mud

January 17, 2013

Flood waters following Cyclone Evan have receded, leaving Samoan farmers with a sticky problem.

Save tree cuttings for future harvests

January 3, 2013

Cut a branch and plant it for future harvests, is the message from Oxfam's partner in Samoa, Women in Business Inc.

Latest stories

March 5, 2014

Safe water and solid homes: rebuilding after Cyclone Ian and preparing for future shocks

October 11, 2013

A vocational training scheme is helping Samoan communities prepare for cyclone season by equipping young people with the skills to repair vital water infrastructure. Nineteen youths from Siumu and Safata in Upolu took part in an emergency plumbing repairs course, a component of Oxfam's long term strategy to help Samoa not only rebuild from Cyclone Evan, but to strengthen communities' resilience to future storms.

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