A Kiwi in Dadaab

Janna Hamilton, from Oxfam New Zealand, is in Dadaab
Janna is Oxfam's international spokesperson, reporting live from the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.

New Zealander Janna Hamilton spent two weeks in Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, near the border with Somalia.

Janna was the Humanitarian Media Officer for Oxfam International, the coalition of 17 Oxfam affiliates from around the world.

In Dadaab, Janna saw first hand the food crisis and famine that is affecting people across Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya – as well as Oxfam's effort to save lives and make families less vulnerable to future crises.

Dadaab is the largest refugee camp in the world, with 400,000 occupants and 1500 more arriving every day. In the camp, Oxfam is keeping survivors alive by providing water, stopping the spread of disease by building toilets and offering basic sanitation education, and helping people get back on their feet through cash-for-work programmes.

Live tweets

You can follow Janna live from Dadaab on Twitter at:

Video reports

BBC News 24, 4th August

In this clip Janna is interviewed from Dadaab on BBC News - note that in this clip her interview starts at 45 seconds.

Audio reports

Listen to Janna's audio reports from Kenya.


Take a look at Janna's photos from Dadaab. They show how Oxfam is using your donations to provide life-saving drinking water and sanitation to the people who need it most.

About Janna

Janna was in Samoa 48 hours after the devastating tsunami that struck in 2009, helping to reach affected families, gathering stories about survivors and the work to rebuild their lives, and giving interviews for international media. She is a former print journalist with experience on radio and television. From the Haiti earthquake to the Pakistan floods, Janna has helped to share stories of resilience from some of the world’s poorest people for the past five years.


Media wishing to interview Janna should contact Lynda Brendish, Oxfam New Zealand's Media and Communications Coordinator, on 09 355 7413; mobile: 021 052 9293 or lynda.brendish@oxfam.org.nz

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