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Shooting Poverty Trailer from ShootingPoverty on Vimeo.

In 2010 Oxfam called on young people around the world with a story to tell to submit their vision for a documentary film to the Shooting Poverty competition. The topic: to expose the true cost and impact of arms trade and armed violence on poor communities around the world. Take a look at the trailer:

Over 60 written submissions were sent from 9 countries. Three projects were selected by a panel of judges to be given mentoring, financial and hands-on production support to make their film a reality.

The winners and their videos are presented below. You can also find out more about the competition at

Bang for Your Buck (Burundi)

Production start: August 14th, Bujumbura, Burundi
Directors: Seth Chase, 33 (US) and Brice Blondel, 28 (France) – Follow the filmmakers’ blog and twitter @oregonfatts


Bang For Your Buck from ShootingPoverty


Grosso Calibre (Brazil)

Production start: August 31st, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Directors: Guilherme Arruda, 28, Ludmila Curi, 30 and Thiago Vieira, 31 – Follow the filmmakers’ blog and twitter @ThiagoYawara @ludmilacuri @guilhermearruda



April 6th (India)

Production start: August 4th, Manipur, India
Director: Chandam Netraj, 34 – Follow him on twitter @Netmanipur


April 6th from ShootingPoverty


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