Check out Fairtrade at your local supermarket

Buying Fairtrade helps thousands of struggling growers in the developing world work their way out of poverty. We need to tell our supermarkets we want them to stock more Fairtrade products.

Fairtrade banana farmer. Photo: Abigail Hadeed/Oxfam
Anikoa Abbott grading her Fairtrade bananas. Photo: Abigail Hadeed/Oxfam

A huge range of Fairtrade products are available internationally but the range is still limited here in New Zealand. And unless sales of Fairtrade bananas increase soon, they won't be available in New Zealand for much longer. We need to tell our supermarkets we want them to stock more Fairtrade labelled products. If enough of us ask, the supermarkets will have to listen.

1 minute action: buy Fairtrade whenever you shop

Always remember to buy Fairtrade. Simply buying Fairtrade products sends a powerful message to the supermarkets that you support Fairtrade. Look for the Fairtrade Label whenever you shop.

2 minute action: email your supermarket asking them to stock more Fairtrade products

In your email, mention which supermarket you regularly shop at and that would love the opportunity to buy more Fairtrade labelled products.

5 minute action: phone your supermarket now

Pick up the phone and call your supermarket to ask them to stock Fairtrade

  • Foodstuffs (New World and Pak’n’Save) – upper North Island 09 621 0600
  • Foodstuffs (New World and Pak’n’Save) – lower North Island 04 527 2510
  • Foodstuffs (New World and Pak’n’Save) – South Island 03 353 8700
  • Progressive Enterprises (Countdown, Foodtown and Woolworths) 0800 404040

10 minute action: speak to your supermarket manager

Speak to the supermarket manager and tell them why you want the supermarket to support Fairtrade. It is much harder to ignore a face-to-face request!

15 minute action: write a letter to your local supermarket

Taking the time to send a personal, hand-written letter shows the recipient that you really care about the issue – and has proven to be very effective.

Let us know how you get on

We would love to know about the actions you have taken and any responses you have received – it helps us to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns. Please let us know how you got on by sending us a quick email at

About Check Out Fairtrade

Check Out Fairtrade is a joint campaign between Oxfam, the Fair Trade Association and others to increase the availability of Fairtrade products in supermarkets here in New Zealand, increasing the opportunities for producers in the developing world to work their way out of poverty through Fairtrade.