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Wan Smolbag actors in Vanuatu recording the radio drama Family Blong Serah. Through the soap they tackle many of the myths surrounding HIV and AIDS and other sexual health issues.

HIV and AIDS is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today. It pushes many families into poverty and poverty makes people more vulnerable to the disease. Oxfam is committed to fighting the disease and to breaking this cycle.

The HIV epidemic in the Pacific region is small, but the number of people living with HIV nearly doubled between 2001 and 2009—from 28 000 to 57 000. However, the number of people newly infected with HIV has begun to decline from 4700 in 2001 to 4500 in 2009. The HIV epidemics in the region are mainly driven by sexual transmission.

We are currently working on HIV and AIDS programmes with parters in:

Papua New Guinea

  • AT projects are working to provide safe water and ‘living with dignity’ kits to people living with HIV and AIDS and their carers. They also talk to families and the community about HIV and AIDS, hoping to breakdown the fear and stigma surrounding the illness.
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  • Wan Smolbag theatre group uses radio and live theatre to deal with issues around HIV and AIDS, reproductive health and gender. Their radio soap drama has become so popular people frequently rush home from work to catch the latest installment.
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Download the 2010 UNAIDS reports on Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu for the latest summary of HIV/AIDS in these countries.

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Source: UNAIDS