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October 31, 2005
Even a blanket can make the difference between life or death in the aftermath of the Kashmir earthquake 2005. Read more about the logistics of emergency aid and follow the journey of a blanket from its arrival at Islamabad airport to the hands of the homeless survivors of the earthquake.
October 26, 2005
Oxfam's Naureen Khan meets two survivors of the Kashmir earthquake - Rani Bibi, a seven year old orphan and Shazia Ahmed whose baby Umbreen was pulled alive from the rubble after 3 days.
October 26, 2005
Two more survivors stories from the Kashmir earthquake 2005, told from the hospital at Srinagar. Eight-year old Sajaar Ahmed who lost his sisters and father and 25 year old Meer Alam who lost his wife, three children and other family members.
October 18, 2005
Aditi Kapoor of Oxfam's India Earthquake Response Team reports from India-administered Kashmir in the aftermath of the Kashmir earthquake 2005.
October 13, 2005
Shaista Aziz, 28, is a UK-based Oxfam aid worker. She has worked for Oxfam for nearly two years and has previously worked on Oxfam's emergency response in Indonesia's Aceh province following the Asian tsunami 2004. Shaista went to Pakistan at short notice after the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, and kept a diary for Oxfam.
October 13, 2005
Brigitte Obertop, a member of Oxfam’s programme staff in Pakistan and Afghanistan reports from Abbottabad following the Kashmir earthquake 2005.
October 12, 2005
Oxfam's Daud Malik talks to children from Balakot, the town that was almost totally destroyed by Pakistan’s deadliest natural disaster.
September 27, 2005
Battambang province in north-west Cambodia was the base and final strong-hold of the Khmer Rouge. Many communities in the province are only now starting to get back on their feet. Oxfam is working with the Cambodia Family Development Services (CFDS), a local NGO that focuses on community development, in particular community-based resource management, environmental issues, participation and human rights. Together, CFDS and Oxfam worked to help communities to reconstruct their lives, supporting them in particular with food security and income generation strategies as well as encouraging active participation in community development.
June 6, 2005
Working in a place like Darfur is often challenging, but it can be the simplest things that are the most difficult and frustrating – things like getting around. Oxfam’s Selena Brewer writes from Sudan.
May 15, 2005
Maria Coady, an Oxfam Public Health Mentor working in South Darfur shares her diary.