Our overseas partners

Photo: Tom Greenwood

No one knows better what a community needs than the people who belong to it.

That's why Oxfam partners with local groups; people who are already working hard to help themselves and are committed to building a better future for their communities. We currently work with over 18 organisations across the Pacific and Southeast Asia.

Our partners understand the local context and help us to connect with communities. The work we implement together encourages real participation of people living in poverty, increasing sustainability and bringing a lasting impact.

Oxfam provides our partners with funding, but we also help develop their skills, knowledge and capacity to improve and expand their work. The knowledge and confidence we can help them develop is vital to their longer-term sustainability. We provide support in financial management, planning, programme research and design, monitoring and evaluation techniques, administration, human resource management, risk management, reporting and proposal writing.

We bring a global and regional perspective to our partners, plus years of experience supporting rural development and human rights. We also recognise that we learn as much from our partners as they learn from us. 

Our partners

East Timor

  • Fini Esperansa
  • Centro-Comunidade Covalima
  • Kdadalek Sulimutuk Institute
  • Youth in Action towards Sustainability (Y-ACTS)
  • Binibi Faef Nome
  • Permakultura Timor-Lorosa’e (PERMATIL)
  • Cooperative Comercio Agricola de Timor (C-CAT)


Papua New Guinea

  • ATprojects
  • KGWan
  • Henagaru Village Development Cooperative
  • Independent Reform and Restoration Movement (IRRM)
  • Helping Hands Honey Producers
  • Voice for Change
  • New Guinea Fruit Limited