You and Oxfam, tackling poverty together

Our Campaigns

Big Hearts Connected World

Aotearoa, let’s stand together with the world. It’s time for a Collective Resilience Plan that helps build a strong global community by boosting New Zealand’s overseas aid and climate action.

Our submissions

 View our latest submissions to the New Zealand government about the impact of proposed legislation and policy on people around the world. Inequality Submission on tax transparency to Finance and Expenditure Committee 2019 Oxfam NZ Presentation Finance and Expenditure Committee Taxation (Neutralising BEPS) Bill 2018 Oxfam NZ Submission – Tax Working Group 2018 INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT […]

Why we campaign

At Oxfam we believe all lives are equal and no-one should live in poverty. We join forces with people like you who share this belief, to build a world where everyone can live in a stable environment and have the resources to determine their own future. While we work to alleviate the symptoms of poverty, […]

Climate justice for everyone

The oceans are rising and so are we We believe in a thriving, resilient future for everyone, everywhere. Human-made climate change is the greatest threat to this future. Together we can stand up to climate destruction. At Oxfam, we advocate for New Zealand to fulfill its responsibility to reduce its pollution, and to properly support […]

Fight Inequality

IT’s Time to even it up It is in our power to shape a world where everyone lives a meaningful and fulfilling life. We can make an economy that prioritises people’s happiness. Our economy is like a railway network – it is built to take people to particular places. Right now, we have an economy […]