The Future is Equal

Our Campaigns

How We Have Created Change Together

Big Hearts, Connected World When the Coronavirus pandemic began in 2020, we joined together with 13 other NGOs to call on the government to provide vital support to overburdened and under-resourced nations, by boosting New Zealand’s overseas aid and climate action. Over 18 months, and after over 3000 petition signatures, 500 personal letters and postcards, […]

Act for Afghanistan

Urge MPs to lead with compassion Everyone deserves to live in a place of peace and harmony, regardless of your political beliefs or the regime of your country. But right now, people in Afghanistan face a deeply uncertain future, and a worsening humanitarian crisis. The New Zealand government can act to support more people stranded […]

A People’s Vaccine, not a Profit Vaccine

Join the fight to end vaccine monopolies Our best chance of ending this pandemic is to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to Covid-19 vaccines, tests and treatments. But pharmaceutical monopolies could leave countries in the global south waiting until 2023 for widespread vaccination. With new variants emerging, this threatens everyone. No one is safe […]

Cut climate pollution fairer and faster

Playing our part in climate action Oxfam is mobilising to ensure Aotearoa plays its part in protecting the people and places we love that are under threat from climate breakdown. We are also acting to make sure the government does all it can to properly support people in poorer and climate vulnerable countries. Sign our […]

Fight Inequality

IT’s Time to even it up It is in our power to shape a world where everyone lives a meaningful and fulfilling life. We can make an economy that prioritises people’s happiness. Our economy is like a railway network – it is built to take people to particular places. Right now, we have an economy […]

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